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July 2018:

New release: The Pachinko Fake : Flakes (Sireena Records)


 January 2018:

New releases: Brockmann/Bargmann : „Licht“ on Bureau B Records.

Vera Di Lecce: Mirror/30 Tree - Double Single (Download only)


September 2017:

Live debut gig with Ben Lukas Boysen on sep. 6th at the Village Underground in London. Get tickets here

And see the excellent line up here

 Listen to the concert live on  www.nts.live .... 


 August 2017:

New releases! Eisbrecher releases "Sturmfahrt" on the 18th. I will be playing the live shows. The tour starts on september, 29th. We will play shows in germany, netherlands, france, switzerland and austria. See the new video here

The record went straight to No.1 in the official german charts. Cheers!

Also on august 18th, the new PRAG record "Es war nicht so gemeint" will be in the stores. I recorded the album last year at Lowswing studios. Live shows will follow later this year.



July 2017:

You will hear me on the following brand new releases:

AUTOMAT new video release: Ost

Ben Lukas Boysen: "Golden Times" Remix EP

Brockmann/Bargmann: LICHT

PRAG: Es war nicht so gemeint

The Asthmatix: new record coming in 2017!


May 2017:

Erased Tapes is 10!

Listen to the live Podcast ,recorded earlier this month for Ben Lukas Boysen, together with the fantastic Maria Todtenhaupt & Anne Müller.

Also, the 12" EP "Golden Times" will be released soon, featuring a brand new unreleased track plus remixes by Tim Hecker and Max Cooper.


February 2017:

Erased Tapes is 10! Robert Raths released a wonderful collection of great music from my favourite label, click here

"I simply want to tell a story, whether that’s by compiling this annual collection of songs that connects the dots between all these works of music we had the honour of releasing over the years, or curating a label in general. It helps me reminisce and revisit the moments that brought us all closer together, that make us human. With each year the picture becomes clearer and the message less reliant on words. I hope that this music helps the listener as much as it helps me to keep imagining, keep focusing, keep awake in a time when silence and peace is so hard to come by. May our new space provide a haven, reflecting these values we share and allowing people to find a moment to slow down in this fast-paced world we live in." – Robert Raths

New project with Alexander Seemann (piano) .... gigs and info coming soon!

Körperfresser! New radioplay by Wittmann/Zeitblom, watch it here.


 January 2017

New PRAG longplayer in the pipeline.....

AUTOMAT live debut in London! We will be playing our first gig in England on march, 9th at the ILMC

AUTOMAT´s China tour last december was a blast. Thanks to everyone who was involved, especially the kind people at VICE! THANK YOU. Hope we will get back to China soon.....we did an interview with Noisey in Bejing, watch it here.


November 2016

AUTOMAT tours China 5.-11.12.2016


Brand new interview! Thanks to Max and Chris at bonedo.de!



From Detroit techno and hip-hop's early sampling experiments to Terre Thaemlitz, electronic music has long proven its political potential, even in instrumental form. With OstWest, Berlin-based electronic-kraut-dub trio Automat complete their LP trilogy with a deep and entrancing take on the failures of neoliberalism. Recorded in 2015 at Candy Bomber Studios in Berlin's former Tempelhof Airport at the height of the European refugee crisis, the band found itself neighbours of thousands of refugees from across the Middle East and Africa who were being provided temporary housing in the airports former hangars directly below the studio.

With the first two parts of the Automat trilogy centering on Berlin’s airports (2014's self-titled 1st LP) and dub's hardware of sonic space travel (2015's PlusMinus), OstWest stands as a musical interpretation of the impact of these thousands of new arrivals within Germany and the EU, as well as the rise of xenophobic political movements spurned on by the Brexit. The result is a series of atmospheric and rhythmic meditations that provide the foundation for swirling electronics and the bass-heavy sounds of a changing Europe – from the musical perspective of longtime Berlin residents who have already experienced the destruction of post-Cold War optimism shortly after the fall of the Wall.

More driving than previous recordings, OstWest is made up of a series of first takes. While the opener "Ost" features a melange of samples, meandering organ and synth stabs that recall both Count Ossie and Basic Channel, it's with the second track "Fabrik der Welt" that the band's kraut-y push – also featured later on "Europa" – charges forward. Where historically Europe has been used by the likes of Kraftwerk and Cluster as a metaphor for space and freedom of travel, Automat recast it as a dark rain ride to refuge, shaped by the sounds of claps and samples that race past the listener on the way to an uncertain future. 

The feeling of stylistic exploration remains throughout OstWest in the loping riddims and acid-jazz-like "Tränenpalast" and "Tempelhof", with the former ("Palace of Tears") named after a border crossing between East and West Germany, and the latter a shelter for new immigrants to Germany. The band's continued collaboration with Max Loderbauer ("Ost", "Tränenpalast", "Yuko", "West") is reflected in touches of modular synthesis, which augment the melding of acoustic drums and electronics. It's a sound Automat have honed since their first LP, and one that grooves with authority.



16 years after the recording of the album, "Gift" by Pia Lund will finally be released on october 21!

Also a new release by Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub, Blank Expression! I played on few tracks on this singles retrospective. The album went straight to no.8 in the official german longplayer charts! Congrats to Mr. B!


August 2016:

 I´m using Heil Sound Microphones now. Excellent dynamic mics! The PR-40, PR-48 and PR-30 microphones are just outstanding:-)

Project Pitchfork Tour! 16 shows starting on september 23rd...

Danny Dziuk´s new album "Wer auch immer, was auch immer, wo auch immer" wins "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik" . Glückwunsch! Beside a few german shows we will play two shows in Minsk, Belarus in october.


 Juni 2016:

Ben Lukas Boysen’s highly-anticipated new album ‘Spells’ has arrived!

Today marks the release of Ben Lukas Boysen’s ‘Spells’, his first ever release as an Erased Tapes recording artist. 'Spells' merges programmed piano pieces with live instruments, combining the controllable technical world and the often unpredictable aspects of live improvisation. Friend and label-mate Nils Frahm mixed and mastered the album. Ben is not a master pianist like his dear friend, but his sound collages are so meticulously designed that after hearing the result an impressed Nils declared: “from now on, if anyone asks – this is a real piano”.

“Finding my views understood, reflected and welcomed by Erased Tapes was an encouraging experience, crowned by the offer to release ‘Spells’ and re-issue ‘Gravity’ with them. Through many caring conversations with Robert I felt that there’s no better home for the existing ideas and no better cradle for new ones.” – Ben Lukas Boysen

'Tremulous, quiet, deeply emotional arrangements' (7.5) – XLR8R

'Strangely upbeat nocturnes' – The Wire

'It's just incredible' – Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC 6 Music

'A sound-collage masterpiece' ★★★★★ – Musikexpress

May 2016:

Nice Line Up for the 25th anniversary party at Tresor in july!

A big THANK YOU to Mr. Beier :-)!! Best steel snaredrums ever!


April 2016:

Coming up:

 Ben Lukas Boysen : Spells LP/CD out june, 10th!

Ben Lukas Boysen : Gravity LP/CD re-release out june, 10th!

Erased Tapes says.......


»Desire Will Set You Free« just won Best Soundtrack at Chicago International Movies and Music Festival (CIMMFest) . Music written and performed by AUTOMAT, Peaches and more great artists.


Danny Dziuk: " Wer auch immer, was auch immer, wo auch immer" out on april 8th on Buschfunk records ....


Eisbrecher: Both "Die Hölle muss warten" & "Schock" longplayers receive gold status in germany! Cheers!



Februar 2016:

Eisbrecher Tour & festivals 2016! See lives dates!

On tour with Danny Dziuk! See live dates. More info about Danny.......


Oktober 2015:

AUTOMAT in the studio! Recordings for the third album will start mid october.

On october 12 Prag will play a special show at Berlin´s Astra. See details here:

Also: Radio broadcast of "Mit heiler Haut" on october, 24th. I played drums on this  great radioplay, realised by Wittmann/Zeitblom.


September 2015:

AUTOMAT tours Australia! We will play 4-5 shows in november. See live dates!

New Eisbrecher release: Schock (live) - DVD/CD/BluRay out on september 25th.

Peter Heppner accoustic tour 2015 - see live dates!


August 2015:

Happy to announce that from now on I'm playing the wonderful Istanbul Mehmet cymbals exclusively.  Please visit  their homepage www.istanbulmehmet.com or the go to the german distribution site www.musikwein.de


July 2015:
New releases:

Bureau B Kollektion 04 compiled by Richard Fearless ( 1 track by Automat), Vinyl & CD

Kyffhäuser-Unternehmen Barbarossa-Träume vom Tod! CD only released on Belleville Verlag (Live recording Berliner Volksbühne 2012 mit Automat/Blixa Bargeld/Meret Becker/Nadeshda Brennicke/Jens Harzer/Ulrich Matthes/Bernhard Schütz)


 June 2015:

Finished recordings with Danny Dziuk for his new solo album. 

The new AUTOMAT full album Plus Minus will be out on may, 29th on Bureau B records. Two vinyl editions of collaborations with Max Loderbauer and Camera have been released in march and april, also on Bureau B.

Coming up are some recordings for some radioplays, which will feature music by zeitblom and Automat. I also will be involved in recording session for a tribute album dedicated to the late singer/composer  Rainer Lakomy, who used to be a famous east german artist producing songs for children since the 70´s.


 January/February  2015:

Recordings for the new Automat at Candybomber Studio Berlin have been finished. Produced by Ingo Krauss and Automat the album will be released in late spring 2015. 

The new Eisbrecher album "Schock"  hits the german charts at no. 2 ! The new Prag album "Kein Abschied" hits the charts at no. 36!

Other releases in january / february are the second Martin Dean album "Dr. Blue And Mr. Gold" , and the the 10" vinyl release of Don Rogall and Earl Zinger, called Vol.2 on Stag-O-Lee records. A soon to be released CD will feature all the tracks from the two 10"s plus some bonus tracks.


 October  2014:

New Record Release: Automat/Schneider TM :  Bootleg Split 12" on Bureau B records . Release is 10.10.14! 


Another hot release! Earl Zinger & Don Rogall - Vol. 1 .... strictly limited 10" vinyl in a series of two 10" 's ..... Vol. 2 will be released soon, a CD with all the vinyl tracks plus 3 bonus tracks will follow! All releases on www.stag-o-lee.com !


 I added some more live shows for 2015. There is more to come!

.....and here's some equipment news: I am endorsing the Drumit Five sound module by 2Box. For information about this little wonderbox go to www.2box.se


 September 2014:

New releases in the pipeline! This spring a couple of new records will be released, such as the second album by Martin Dean, the debut album by Don Rogall & Earl Zinger, a new Prag single and much more......coming soon!

October sees the comeback of my collaboration with Alexander Seemann on piano and harmonium. Only three shows in Bremen. 


 April 2014:

Automat debut LP/CD out on april, 4th!  USA release april, 29th !


RECORD STORE DAY on april, 19th..... Special limited split 12" EP with Automat and Kreidler